Corporate News
16 Oct 2020
Sowers Action - Sending Love 2020

SOWERS ACTION was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1992 and is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit-making charitable organization.

The "Sending Love - 2020" is a event for donation of jacket to the mountain children . The purpose is to enable a group of mountain children to resist the harsh winter and continue to go to school in the cold winter. It also allows the beneficiaries to feel caring and warmth, and to achieve the spirit of helping others in the future.


This year, Man King Group also fully supports the “Sending Love - 2020” event, so that the students can get the most support. When you see the smile they showed when they received the warm jacket, they also let the winter spread infinitely warm!

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of the concept of sustainable development in Man King. It spares no effort in supporting public welfare activities. It is believed that love is an important part of life and is very important to everyone.